​Mission and History of the EBC

Mission & History of the EBC

The Mission of the Entrepreneur Builder’s Course is to help allow all people to realize the business of their dreams by gaining the knowledge and having the opportunity to have funding available without being burdened with big loans. This will be accomplished by The Entrepreneur Builder’s Course and the EBC business plan. Our goal is to help everyone who wants to help themselves realize the business of their dreams.


The EBC team has over 80 years combined experience in Entrepreneurship.

C.E. Bray and Thien Nguyen are the Co-Founders.

C. E. Bray, Co-Founder:  A professional Entrepreneur with a career that spans 33 years in marketing and operations of Companies. Past experience includes 13 years in retail chain store development, 4 years in nationwide real estate management, 5 years in healthcare client development. 30 years in network marketing. Possesses capabilities for inspiring trust and confidence in people and an ability to develop marketing campaigns for developing companies. Relates well to all types of people and is a results oriented, self-motivated person.

Thien V. Nguyen, Co-Founder:
A professional with a career that spans over 44 years in real estate, insurance, mortgage business and an Interpreter/Translator. Past experience includes 27 years in the real estate business, 27 years in insurance and mortgage business and 44 years in Interpreter/Translator.

Craig Corbitt, National Marketing Director:
Graduated college in 2004 with his business degree and immediately started his career as an entrepreneur. When the housing market went down Craig capitalized on it and decided to invest in real estate. Craig has an extensive background in sales, real estate, marketing, and startup businesses. Craig mentors lots of young people on how to create multiple income streams to get further ahead in life financially. Craig has also been a motivational speaker teaching on leadership skills and how to build the right mindset in starting a business for 12 years. Craig believes heavily that not enough people are giving a chance to build a business because of lack of funding and business knowledge. This is why EBC is the answer; this is by far the smallest investment that most people can get involved in to create income over time to start up a business.

Seung Kim, Regional Marketing Director:
Started his career in Higher Education Administration. After a couple years he started his career with his business partner in real estate investing. He also has extensive sales experience including sales management, sales training, inside sales, and outside sales for over 12 years.  Fields he has represented range from wireless, insurance, and facilities services. Having mentored many people he knows people dream of owning their own business but fail to procure the funding necessary. The vision between EBC and his own goals of raising capital are in line and he is ready to challenge the traditional methods of raising money for companies.