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EBC and Business Plan - How It Works


As an Entrepreneur Builders Course(EBC) Enrollee, you will be receiving materials on the EBC and the EBC Business Plan. Below are the guide lines of how to get started. They will show you the process of qualifying for all Phases of the course and the EBC Business Plan. As you qualify for all the other phases, you will be receiving additional materials on Entrepreneurship and the opportunity to attend seminars for each phase.  If you choose to participate in the EBC Business Plan, you will be receiving instructions for each phase.  Please pay close attention to the instruction and move on them ASAP. This will help you achieve financial independence faster.

Lets go over some new business facts and statistics.

It is more difficult than ever to start a business, and even more difficult to keep it open. The statistics show that in the U.S., and world wide, 2 out of 3 new businesses fail in the 1st year.

The reasons for this are:

  1. The people starting the new business don't have enough knowledge to run their business.
  2. The cost of starting the new business and running it were not accurately figured, therefore the new business was under funded.


This is why this course and the EBC Business Plan have been developed.  EBC wants you to have a fighting chance when you embark on opening the business of your dreams.  Don't let the lack of knowledge and or the lack of funding hold you back. 


There are time lines for getting things done so pay close attention to the details of each email you receive.

  1. ​Once you have submitted your enrollment form, you will be receiving an email with your EBC number and a chart that will tell you what to do next. Each person that is enrolled MUST have their sponsor's EBC number to place on his or her enrollment form.

  2. Follow the instructions very carefully. Also, be prompt in your actions.
  3. ​​EBC enrollment and the opportunity to participate in the EBC Business Plan is a one time out of pocket cost for $15.00. You have 5 business days to get this done. You will need to send a money order or cashiers check to the person your chart indicates. Please do it promptly! The faster you do this the faster you will move through the 10 phases. Moving through the phases faster means you are learning more and building your financial independence. Click Chart Review for more details.
  4. After you have paid your enrollment, you must send an email to reporting to us your payment has been mailed.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT! In order to be promoted to Phase B and the other Phases you MUST enroll 2 people.  You can enroll as many as you wish in addition to your two, these additional people will be placed in the EBC forced pool. EBC created the forced pool to allow you to enroll as many people as you wish. The forced pool will place any additional people you enroll in the next available position in the business plan. How does this help you? Enrolling more than 2 people will help everyone including you advance through the phases faster.
  6. After you enroll 2 people you will be qualified to participate in all other phases. Depending on how long it takes you to enroll 2 people, the EBC forced pool could place 2 people under you. Once this happens you will be paid 2 checks for $15 each, which equals $30. These 2 checks could come from the 2 people you enrolled or it could come from 2 people that the EBC forced pool has placed under you. After you have been paid you MUST send an email to reporting you have been paid. AGAIN, VERY IMPORTANT, you MUST enroll 2 people to qualify for the other phases even if the EBC forced pool has placed 2 people under you. After you have qualified for the other phases you will be emailed another chart for the next Phase (which is Phase B) and it will instruct you on what to do next. You will go through this process 10 times.  As you move through each phase you will continue to build your financial independence.
  7. The potential for profit grows as you progress through each phase. You will never have to pay anything out of your pocket again. All other phases are paid from your profits. Each chart you receive will show you whom to pay next. Again, you will be receiving 10 charts.
  8. ​If you are diligent and pay close attention to your charts, your financial independence will advance through each phase at a faster pace. (How do I do this? Mail payments the day you get your chart.)
  9. The information and seminars are very expensive but because you have enrolled in EBC you will have the opportunity to participate in the EBC Business Plan. The EBC Business Plan is giving you a way to make over and above what it cost for all 10 Phases of the course.  Again, your only out of pocket expense will be the enrollment for phase A of $15. That's it! All other phases will be paid out of your profits and your profits will far exceed the cost of each phase.​
  10. Be watching your email for more information concerning the EBC course and more information (instructions) about the EBC Business Plan.​
  11. Remember, the EBC Business Plan is a way for you to pay for your EBC enrollment and to help you to be well on your way to financial independence. So go out and tell as many people as you can because it is going to be BIG!